Message from your President: At the conclusion of my term

Dear Members 

It has been my honor to serve as President of the Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum (WWLF) for the past two years. At the beginning of my term, I pledged to re-focus the association’s initiatives to expand our network of women committed to supporting leadership, education and networking experiences. Proudly, I can state the WWLF Team delivered beyond my expectation!


  • Our Fellowship program aims to empower and inspire women, offering a unique mentorship opportunity to support the growth of new industry leaders. We expanded this program to include 2 awardees during our term.
  • Our Mentorship Program matches industry veterans with inexperienced mentees, providing an important foundation for mentees to learn more quickly about the industry, streamline their professional pursuits, provide education for specialized topics, and offer advice toward achieving work-life balance. We ran a very successful mentorship program where we match numerous pairs of mentors and mentees. We were thrilled at the willingness of women with very diverse backgrounds and viewpoints to collaborate and offer to mentor the past two cycles.
  • Through our events, members share their expertise, broaden their contacts, and advance their career opportunities. Just this year, we hosted 45 events nationally, more events than in prior years, and we are excited to be able to offer not just networking events, but educational events.
  • We also launched IMPACT earlier this year. IMPACT is a Women Wireless Leadership Forum Discussion Group. IMPACT discussion groups facilitate meeting of the minds and foster discussion to support, empower and enrich the lives of our members. We had amazing participation and great feedback on this program as it allows us to reach more women across the country for local participation.
  • We introduced a speaker program. We offered the opportunity for speakers to present at our upcoming regional and national events. Our forums and speaker engagements focus on topics that are dynamic, inspirational, and visionary to facilitate the sharing of best practices, to allow educational enhancement and career development for all women in the wireless industry.
  • We refreshed our WWLF website for user-friendly navigation with new features like announcements, member suggestions, upcoming events, Impact and to showcase past events.
  • We increased our social media and industry trade publications to strengthen the position of the organization and publish opportunities for women in the Wireless Industry.
  • We strengthened our partnership with TEC, the Telecommunication Education Center for relevant training and education opportunities for our membership.
  • Women's Wireless Leadership Forum (“WWLF”) won the Award for “Organization with the Biggest Impact” at The California Wireless Association (“CALWA”) Holiday Gala & Awards Ceremony.
  • Later this year, we plan to launch our WWLF Women’s Recognition Program. This program would give us the opportunity to celebrate the achievement and success of women in our industry.


These initiatives do not happen on their own. I am grateful for the amazing group of dedicated women that volunteer to support WWLF and do the heavy lifting of these initiatives.

Thank you to the WWLF Board, Directors, City Representatives and Committee Members. It is through your efforts WWLF's mission is extended throughout the industry.

I am very appreciative of the encouragement received from our members supporting WWLF's network, the growth of professional women and whom embrace diversity within the wireless industry.

To our Annual/Event Sponsors & WIA (Wireless Infrastructure Association), I am extremely grateful for the support provided. I know there are many other places you could have invested your sponsorship dollars and I appreciate you choosing this organization. Your generous contributions allow us to embark on these initiatives and are vital to our success.

We believe that our WWLF members deserve to have a competitive edge on this ever-evolving wireless stage. As we move forward in a time of incredible growth opportunity, we are focused on the enrichment of women through training and professional development. We are also focused on the advancement of women across all disciplines by recognizing excellence, promoting leadership, and positioning our members at the forefront of this digital transformation. As we continue to support women in our industry and keep them connected, we focused on several initiatives.


Amelia De Jesus




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